Here’s my 24 hour comic! It’s a mostly true* account of a recent canoe trip I took along the River Severn near where I live.

*you’ll probably be able to work out which bits might have been exaggerated a tiny bit.

Fun Facts!

I had to redraw a page (page 14 I think) as I was using fancy Khadi paper. Which is sometimes a really beautiful surface to draw on and occasionally similar in absorbency to toilet tissue. Difficult to work with sometimes. Page 14 looked ok at 2am, but looking at it again in the cold light of day, it looked completely terrible. These things happen sometimes.

I drew this in a B&B in Viborg, Denmark as I was working there that week, so I didn’t have all of my ‘stuff’ with me (scanner, drawing desk, fancy brushes etc) so I had to make do with my travel art kit and photograph the pages with my iPad and tidy them up as best I could.

I started drawing this at 6pm, 2nd October 2020 and finished at 2:30pm on the 3rd October 2020. I had a sleep in the middle so the whole thing probably took about 16 and a half or so hours to draw.

Drawing this, I tried for the sake of consistency and continuity to make sure that the boat was always travelling left to right. This was especially difficult, as when I think about the day I actually took the trip, it really feels like I was moving right to left for some reason. When I read this comic back it’s really weird to see Little Dan paddling upstream. Weird, right?

Traditionally, a 24 hour comic is 24 pages in 24 hours. Being a maverick, a loose cannon, my comic is 32 pages long. Take that, tradition.