This is an excerpt from David Gaffney’s book Concrete Fields

This illustrated version was first performed by David at the Show N Tell event at the Lakes International comic art festival in 2023. This version is read by me (Dan), who also wrote the music for it. 

This project scratched some itches I didn’t know I had, and I think I’d like to do more.

One of my favourite things to do is to draw each of the performers taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest while they perform and then post up that image before the next one starts. Here’s a video showing 2023s entrants. It was drawn 20 minutes after a 16 hour journey to Viborg in Denmark. That was a long day. Music by me too, but I did that a different day. 

This is a video for Jim Guthrie’s song The Rest Is Yet To Come, from the album Takes Time, released in May 2013. 

I was really happy to be on the crew of the JETT squad in 2022/23, working over at Superbrothers A/V on the expansion to JETT: The Far Shore, Given Time. Amongst a bunch of other JETT things, I edited the trailers for the Given Time launch.