"Stunt Drawing"

I love doing what I call ‘Stunt Drawing’, where you have limited time or excess pressure to complete a drawing. I first started this sort of thing in 2013, where I drew all of the Eurovision performers while they performed, and have done other stuff like drawing people as birds at numerous festivals. Normal stuff like that.

Draw Eurovision

I’ve been drawing along with the Eurovision Song Contest since 2013, using the hashtag #draweurovision on social media, where quite a few other artists join in.

Shrewsbury International Comedy Festival

I was cartoonist in residence at the Shrewsbury International Comedy Festival in 2019. This involved cycling all over the town, attending every performance and drawing every performer in the dark. It was like going to life drawing but the model wouldn’t sit still and kept telling jokes.


‘Stunt drawing’ is a term I use to describe the act of drawing live, under unique or challenging circumstances. This can range from capturing Eurovision performers during their live performances, where I aim to sketch each act and share it on social media before the next begins, to serving as a cartoonist in residence at festivals, drawing comedians as they perform. It’s a test of speed, observation, and adaptability, as I work to render likenesses and capture the essence of dynamic performances, often while they won’t stop moving and I’m in a dark room.

It’s a thrilling challenge that pushes the limits of my skills as an artist. It forces me to work with immediacy and instinct, drawing out the key features and personality of my subjects in real-time. Also, it lets me connect with an audience in a unique  way, offering a fresh perspective on live events.

Sure! Please reach out to me with event details, and we can discuss how my “stunt drawing” might fit with what you need.

While every ‘stunt drawing’ session is memorable, drawing the Eurovision Song Contest stands out. The high energy of the performances and the rapid pace make it pretty unique.