All the things that make noises and or move.

Joe Decie

Joe Decie talks to Dan Berry about his partially true autobiographical comics, whether or not he really has a dog, getting arrested as a teenager for painting trains and how to propose marriage in a comic. 

Simone Lia

Simone Lia speaks to Dan Berry during the aftershow party during Thought Bubble 2012. This was recorded in an acoustically challenged stairwell against the backdrop of riotous good times. I’ve had to fairly heavy-handedly edit this episode to remove…

Oliver East

Oliver East talks to Dan Berry about how he came to making comics, his unique approach, why people don’t cosplay as his characters (yet) and the contents of his airing cupboard. This was recorded half at the Thought Bubble festivaland half over skype…

Glyn Dillon

Dan Berry talks to Glyn Dillon about his career, his process, the difficulties he encountered in the process of creating The Nao of Brown and boasts about his enormous thumbs. This was recorded at 1 in the morning at the Thought Bubble festival. I…