Information on the Make It Then Tell Everybody podcast


Make It Then Tell Everybody was/is a podcast I hosted and produced from 2012 to 2023.  The podcast had a guiding principle; that it had to be useful to the person listening.  You should still be able to find it most places you find podcasts. The show wouldn’t have existed without Lizz Lunney, Simon Berry, […]


and Dan Berry chat about graphic design’s role in comics, having a guide and making new comics from old characters. Cab is Cabtastic on social media. Consider , and while you are in a considerative mood, consider too!

Luke Healy

and Dan Berry chat about their differing levels of prep and saving time and effort, standup comedy and why they do the things that they do. Also check out Luke’s podcast . The improv show we mentioned that Luke was in rehersals for is

Carey Pietsch

and chat about being a trusting collaborator, showing your working out and visualising the story in your head or on paper. You can follow , and check out . Dan has a new book out too!  Order it from your local independent book store!

Lauren Weinstein

and talk about drawing with digital tools, creating fiction out of someone else’s truth and joining the $10 club. Buy the print version of Lauren’s book The Gift of Time. All proceeds goes to the survivors of domestic violence at Town Clock…